What is CrossFit Endurance Strength Training?

The CrossFit Endurance Strength split is a Strength & Conditioning class designed to create a stronger athlete. This has focus on weightlifting to build a stronger body for athletes in our endurance program.

Compound lifts, the Squat, Press, Deadlift, Bench Press, Clean & Jerk and Snatch, are used to build strength, power and speed.

Gymnastics movements, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Dips, Handstands, Muscle-ups and Various holds are used to increase body control to build balance and coordination.

We use Plyo-metrics to increase agility. We combine all of these into constantly varied workouts to increase Stamina and Cardiovascular Endurance.

We track and log our workout results, so we can see increases in performance over time.

Can I do this if I haven't exercised in years or ever?

CrossFit Strength is for everyone. If you have never lifted weights before we have Beginners Strength Training available for you.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes. The youngest we train athletes in CrossFit is 13. Any younger we recommend having them in a decent youth sports program or gymnastics.

We can make exceptions on a case-by-case situation.

What is the cost?

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